Handmade Walnut Art Easels

These 64 inch tall Crown display easels are designed to be the perfect accent to beautiful artwork. Each production is handmade from walnut with hand carved dowels and pins of maple.

The connecting braces and leg bottoms have all been chamfered with a hand plane and spokeshaven to create a nice shadow reveal about the perimeter. The pillowed pins holding the back legs are pressed fit allowing you to remove the leg if needed. The removable dowels of the horizontal crossbar are inset with rare earth magnets creating a strong connection and a nice feel when adjusting the height. Meticulous attention was paid when orienting the wood grain to create harmonious lines. A brass-coloured antique chain adds a final compliment to the piece.

Overall these handmade walnut easels are sure to add a luxurious look to any work of art.

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